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Stop Wage Garnishment

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Wage garnishment is often a wake-up call. Learning that your employer will take up to 25% of your wages to satisfy creditors can send people in search of help. At Leventhal Law Group, P.C., I provide assistance and information to clients whose employers have garnished their wages. Oftentimes, filing bankruptcy is their best choice.

The Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy

Filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops wage garnishment. It is that simple. Known as the automatic stay, this feature of the bankruptcy law requires creditors to cease all efforts to collect debts. This applies to your credit card company, your dentist or any other creditor who may be seeking payment through wage garnishment.

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The automatic stay provides you with the opportunity to seek debt relief through bankruptcy and either discharge your debts or reorganize them under court supervision. While your bankruptcy is pending, creditor harassment ends, foreclosure proceedings stop and efforts to garnish your wages cease.

Handling Creditor Violations of the Automatic Stay

If a creditor violates the automatic stay and continues collection efforts after you file bankruptcy, I handle it — you don’t have to. Clients have told me that this is an enormous relief to them. I contact the creditor and the human resources or payroll department to stop wage garnishment that has violated the automatic stay.

Alternative to Wage Garnishment

In some instances, bankruptcy may not be the answer. I can help you file a request for exemption with the court to lower the amount of the garnishment. It is important to do this as soon as you receive notification of the creditor’s action, as there is usually a limited time to challenge the amount of the garnishment.

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