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Creditors’ Rights

Los Angeles Attorney for Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

In addition to our work helping individuals file bankruptcy, the Leventhal Law Group, P.C., a Professional Corporation, is able to fight for creditor’s rights under the law. Bankruptcy attorney Jonathan Leventhal can help creditors prevent losses and recover damages when the bankruptcy system is abused or unfairly prevents proper payments of debt. Our office handles cases throughout Los Angeles and the Southern California area.

If a debtor filing bankruptcy affects the money owed to you or your business, you may benefit from aggressive protection and pursuit of your creditors’ rights. Timing is important, so contact us about your specific needs, your legal rights, and your range of options.

Challenging Improper Bankruptcies and Discharges of Debts

At our office, we understand the Bankruptcy Code from all perspectives. Our firm’s experience in credit-related matters, such as bankruptcy, debt negotiation, and foreclosure , provides us with the knowledge that is needed to address your needs. We are intimately familiar with the stages of the debt collection process. We know that there are a range of situations that can lead to a creditor having a legitimate case for challenging discharge of a debt and/or the validity of a bankruptcy filing.

The Leventhal Law Group, P.C. provides comprehensive representation to creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, handling issues such as:

  • Objections of the discharge of particular debts
  • Relief from stay motions
  • Challenging the automatic stay
  • Discovery of additional assets
  • Lien priority disputes


Choosing a Lawyer to Represent Your Interests as a Creditor

If a debtor has filed bankruptcy and you are concerned about the money owed to you -you may need to deal with the legal system. Representing yourself in court is usually not a good idea. Without a detailed understanding the law and legal proceedings, you may find the process difficult and you may not get results that an experienced attorney can provide. Having a attorney familiar with the bankruptcy code and how to manage risk puts someone on your side with the experience you need. Contact us or call 818-347-5800.